Friday, May 26, 2006

Mmm Food

My good buddy, J, just posted about something many people struggle with everyday.

FOOD - the good, the bad and the feelings around it

I started commenting on her post and then realized that I was going to take up a whole page with my thoughts. I know I have a deep passion for food, but I evidentially can't stop talking about it too.

I love food.
Food loves me
Love = Food
Food = Love

I love to think about food, to talk about food, to think about talking about food, to plan events around food, to prepare food, to shop for food, hell I even love to eat food and to clean up after the eating and preparing of the food. (Good thing I'm in the computer security industry).

If I prepare food for you, it means I love and care for you. If I plan an elaborate meal and perhaps get a little stressed and excited about it, then it means I love you whole bunches. Likewise if you prepare a meal for me, then I feel the love and caring. And if you don't pass me that dish of fried rice that is next to your elbow and you can't see that I'm desperately wanting it, no matter how stressful of a day you've had or how emotionally bothered you are about something, I will feel that you don't care or are not seeing my need for the love (uh, I mean food).

I know that my deep emotional ties with food present issues and sometimes turmoil in my life, and I am learning how to separate the food and the love. I also know that my passion for food is not just about love, as I enjoy the science behind it as well. My connections with food and love will never completely be torn from each other. But I hope someday I will find a healthy balance.

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J said...


Seems to me that food is a HUGE part of our culture, and of every culture on Earth, because, duh, we would die without it. So it is a wonderful way to show someone that you love them, to prepare healthy meals to nourish them, tasty treats to delight them, and sit around a table and enjoy them together. Hey miss, nothing unhealthy about that. But if I'm missing the signals, say, "Hey You, Pass me the RICE!"