Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mmmm Gelato

Monday night Eric and I went to indulge in my craving for gelato. I swung by the house on my way home from work to pick him up, and we drove to downtown Walnut Creek. We enjoyed a Happy Hour dinner at the bar in Stanford's (CHEAP eats until 6pm and then again at 9pm until closing!), but our bill was still in the $20's because they have a drink minimum so my Ice Tea was $2.75 and Eric's beer was almost $5. We each had a Ceasar Salad ($1.95) which was sadly dripping in dressing, but at leat it was real ceasar dressing that was tasty. I also had a bowl of Cream of 5 Onion soup ($2.50), and he had a BBQ Chicken Quesadilla($3.50), and we shared the Spinach and Artichoke dip with tortilla chips ($2.50). All in all the meal wasn't great, but it was satisfying and I simply enjoyed the company and being able to enjoy dinner out with Eric on a weeknight while it was still daylight out!

After dinner, we went to the new gelateria. I love gelato, and this place claims to have authentic Italian gelato. I've never been to Italy, but I'm pretty sure I've had better textured gelato in North Beach, SF. But this place is still so fun. You can taste all the flavors you want, and they have so many fun flavors, like Nutella, Rose, Banana and the list goes on and on and changes all the time. They have at least 25-30 flavors everyday. They only use really fresh natural ingrediants and you can tell by the taste.

We both ended up getting sorbetto since we had such a rich dinner, plus Eric would rather have sorbet over ice cream anyday (he's a little fruity like me). I got my fill of rich gelato when I tasted at least 4 flavors (I don't remember what they were, the guy just kept going down the line handing me spoonfuls), and then I settled on Mango and Pineapple sorbetto. The Mango was a little much to eat a lot of it on its own. Imagine a really really ripe Mango, sweetened and concentrated. But the Pineapple was light and refreshing, so I simply scooped up each bite with a little of each. It was a perfect tropical treat. I couldn't eat it all so Eric had to help me, after he finished his Rhubard and Ruby Red Grapefruit sorbetto. That's right, Rhubard! It was so exactly like Rhubard in a sweet dessert. Sweet and sour, it was very interesting, and tasty.

So, yay! I got my gelato.

(No worries Liz, I'll still go there with you too and I won't force you to try the Canteloupe!)


Autumn's Mom said...

Hey! I'll try the canteloup!

J said...

WOW...I love me some sorbetto! I'm in! :)

On the Caesar Salad front, I got one from the deli case at Safeway for dinner last night, and it was the MOST DISGUSTING thing ever. The dressing was so thick, you had to spread it, like mayo. I'm not even kidding. BLECH. I was trying to get some fiber in my dinner, because, well, you know. Blockage. TMI. ;)