Sunday, July 11, 2010

Snuggly Mama

My Lil'Miss has taken to sleeping on Mama. Daytime naps, nighttime sleeping it doesn't matter as long as she's on the mama. While I love the cuddles and kissing her sweet head, I kinda wish I could put her down successfully at least occassionally. Like now for instance. I was raring to go scrub the office floor of cat litter and pee since the cats have found a new way to show thier jealousy by peeing on her activity mat I keep in there. But alas, I must sit on the couch all warm and snuggly.

While being a snuggly Mama is rewarding, it's also sweaty, tiring work. Hot baby=sweaty. And tiring because, well warning to anyone who hasn't cared for a newborn, they don't get the memo that "sleeping like a baby" means calm, still, quiet, deep sleep. At least not this baby, so I don't really get
much sleep myself. And crazily I'm not napping right now while everyone else is in this house is on this bright Sunday afternoon.
I'm just not sleepy but I'm sure i will be right as everyone is waking up. It's how it usually goes.

I know this is just a phase and I'll want to be able to return to this time down the road when her head looses that sweet baby smell or when she won't let me kiss her all over anymore so I'm not meaning to complain. Just sometimes a little time sans baby might be nice.

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J at said...

Well, if you're still interested in seeing The Last Airbender, even though it's getting SLAMMED in the reviews, I'll take her for a few hours. Then maybe we can go eat at a Mexican place off of Todo Santos plaza that we saw on Check Please, which supposedly has AWESOME chili rellenos. They're the kind you like, all cheesy. I won't order them, but I'd like a taste of yours. ;) Memos is the name:

J at said...

Oh, and yeah, while you will miss these times in the future, you will also enjoy the freedom of not being trapped under a baby. :)