Friday, July 16, 2010

Alone Time

It's almost 1am and I'm awake and alone and I think I like it for the moment.

LilMiss is sleeping..sorta.. I think... I keep hearing little noises on the receiver who's transceiver is pointed at the co-sleeper thingy next to my bed while I'm on the other side of the house AT A COMPUTER (which has only happened a handful of times in the last 2.75 months, 90% of those times during this week). The monitor system doesn't work well in this house which must have lead in the walls or something because our wireless network also have VERY limited range, so the receiver is only about 30 feet from its mate and it still has interference, but I turn up the volume so I can still hear whats going on in there since I closed the door. Thankfully the house is small.

Eric is sleeping in the baby's room which is kinda funny if you think about it as she's in our room. There is a twin bed in there and he has to work in the field tomorrow so I told him to just sleep the whole night in there, but that he should expect to sleep less this weekend. :-) Usually if he has to work in the field, he sleeps the first half of the night (2-4 hours) in our room and then helps with her first feeding (changing her diaper while I pee, gets me water or anything I need, then hopefully puts her back to bed), and then if she doesn't appear to be going back to sleep right away then he'll move over to her room to get a few more solid hours. He's the pro at putting her back in the co-sleeper as she just won't do it for me 75% of the time, so I may regret my generosity.

Then why am I here you ask?
Yes I am tired, and yes this keyboard is causing twinges in my elbows and wrists, but I miss you guys! So I went through my reader and admiringly skimmed through your blogs and I might sorta be caught up a little. I even commented here and there but not many so I apologize if you didn't feel the love. I've rediscovered the feed reader on my iPhone, so I may remember I can read blogs while feeding her and stuff, but commenting may be more difficult. And here I was limiting myself to staring and refreshing Facebook and Twitter over and over again in an effort to remain connected to the outside world. Silly me.

I shall go fold a load of laundry now and then turn in. Wish me luck in not waking her up! Maybe tonight will be another 7 hourer. too bad I've already blown almost 4 hours. (inside voice - HOLY CRAP! I'M DUMB! Screw the laundry)


Issas Crazy World said...

Honey, you have to learn to sleep at night, if she sleeps at night. Truly.

Karen MEG said...

Cherry, you will hopefully find this blog a bit of a lifesaver for moments like this. I certainly did.

Your baby is a beauty. I'm so glad that you now have her to enrich your lives. Amazing how drastic the sleeping arrangements can become once you have kids. I can tell you stories... 10 years worth, actually!


J at said...

I'm glad you found a bit of time to stop by and read and write. There will be more time in the future.

Hope you slept well Friday night. You LOOKED good on Saturday. ;)

Tracy said...

hi cherry! fun to see a new post from you! sending you love from tx!