Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday


Cherry said...

While up in Victoria, my husband worked with my brother and SIL to design their front and back yard landscapes.

One of the discovery exercises they did, was walked around the Finnerty Gardens at UVic (University of Victoria) and my brother and SIL could see different plant palates to see what they were drawn to.

I was interested in the plants but even more interested in the BUNNIES! They wander (and multiply) all over the campus. The fence around the garden is meant to keep them out, but as you can see they know how to get in still.

J at said...

ACK! That's a lot of bunnies! Beautiful pictures of what must be a lovely garden.

Nance said...

Oh man...BUNNIES! Why would anyone want to keep out bunnies?

I got a heads-up from J. at Jellyjules that I should stop in here, and I'm glad I did.

(I'm a huge bunny fan.)

C said...


Cherry, you can bake, 'jam', and take great photographs?!?! Is there anything you can't do?? ;)

Don't you think that the campus at UVic is absolutely gorgeous? Actually, Victoria itself is GORGEOUS! I much prefer Victoria to Vancouver! So pretty! Oh, and coming from Toronto/Montreal, you can tell that the people in BC are different from the people on this end of Canada. They're soooooooo friendly and cheerful! LOL! They say hi to you even if they don't know you! In Montreal or Toronto? Nah uhhh!!!

Starshine said...

Beautiful photos, Cherry!

And VERY CUTE bunnies!

Karen MEG said...

LOVE these shots Cherry. Those bunnies are adorable.

And the GREEN, just wow.

Autumn's Mom said...

Those bunnies are cute and they look huge! Must be good eats there. Very beautiful pics! I would love to go to Victoria some day.