Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vacations Begin and End

For the last week and a half, Eric and I have been on vacation up in Victoria BC. My brother and Sister-in-Law moved there a few years ago as she's in the symphony and they love it and won't likely be moving back anytime soon (if at all). So this means we get to go up to visit them in a really great town surrounded by a whole lot of beautiful things to see.

The vacation consisted of the following activities:
- Cooking
- Baking
- Eating
- Hiking
- Soaking in their new Hot Tub
- Lots of blackberry picking and eating
- Playing xBox and Wii games (thanks for letting us borrow your Wii Ryan!)
- Eating
- Shopping
- Cooking
- Eating
- Reading
- and lots and lots of sleeping in!

The first thing we did when we got up there was make a list the activities, recipes and restaurants we wanted to make sure we hit, and I think we cleared most of the list. We didn't get out to do the bigger activities like renting bikes for a biking day or kayaking, but we'll fit them in next time. But we did manage to gain a few pounds I'm sure, as when my brother and I get together we become rather indulgent in the food eating and cooking department. We were eating chocolates and chips and making rich dips and appetizers. I was buying cheese and pepperonis and buying all of the Canada only flavors of potato chips and downing the bags far too quickly.

I finally found some time to catch up on reading some blogs and bought a few books at the used book store. I'm finally starting to feel a little bit more like me again... just in time to get lost in the craziness of returning to work and life. I even noticed this morning that those deep ravens of worry lines between my eyebrows had lifted significantly. Hopefully they don't find their way back after I face day 1 back at the office.


Ted said...

Hey, how come you didn't do any cooking, baking and eating? ;-)

J at said...

That's called one of life's wake up calls, when you get a taste of the important things. Then work sucks you back in like a vacuum cleaner, doesn't it? Evil. Why can't we all be independently wealthy? It's not fair.

Starshine said...

I like the saying that we should work to live, not live to work. Keeps things in perspective.

Starshine said...

Glad you had a good time in Canada! When I lived in Spain, they had "Touch of Oregano" flavored Doritos...YUM! I want to try the "Pepperoni and Cheese" flavored chips now!

Karen MEG said...

Cherry, you're back ... yay!!!

Ian just came back from Victoria ... it is beautiful there. How lucky that you'll likely be able to visit again.

Work, smwork...