Friday, June 20, 2008

Priorities Out of Whack

I am working pretty hard at learning how to find balance in my life, but this morning I found a very big and glaring mistake on my part which shows just how off my priorities are.

Monday is our one year anniversary. Pretty big deal right? So today as I checked out my work calendar to see if there is anyway to take the day off I see that I have managed to schedule an early morning meeting, a few other pretty important meetings sprinkled through the day, and the clincher is a training I have to give until 9:30pm which'll put me getting home at about 11pm.

I haven't told my husband yet, but the guilt is hitting me pretty hard.

Bad wifey! BAD!

I knew that date looked really familiar.

Update: I finally got a hold of Eric and he was very cool and wonderful about it. Told me not to worry or feel guilty. That it's not about how we spend that day, but about how we treat each other and spend most of the other days. Which I know he is right. He is wise and has a very loving heart.


~Donna~ said...

you done got yourself a good one Cherry! yay for Eric... Happy Anniversary to you both. Has it been a year already?!? good heavens...

J at said...

You married well, missy! Do something special together Saturday or something. :)

Starshine said...

Happy Anniversary, Cherry and E!!!

C said...

Happy Anniversary, Cherry! I remember reading your blog back then! I thought it was neat that our anniversaries were a week apart.

That hubby of yours is awesome...and so are you!

Autumn's Mom said...

Happy Anniversary :)

Karen MEG said...

Awwww, happy anniversary to you and Eric.

He's a keeper; I remember reading about your wedding preps- cannot believe it's a year already.

And this, this is what a great marriage is all about!

Starshine said...

Hi Cherry! How was your anniversary? Mine is today, so I know yours was a week ago today! :)

I was just going through our honeymoon pictures to Kauai, and all I can say is that you MUST reschedule your trip there, because it has to be among the most beautiful places on earth!

Love to you both and let me know when you are LA bound!