Friday, June 13, 2008

I Guess Gas Prices Have Gotten To That Point

This morning as I was running out of the house to get on the road to make my first meeting of the day, I walked between my car and my husbands work truck in the car port and found what I thought to be an odd site. Wet asphalt, a gas can cap, and the gas tank open on the work truck. Someone had siphoned my husbands gas!

Really? Has it come to this?

My husband was inside on a work call so I didn't want to alarm him while he was trying to sound all talented and all knowing of fruit and landscape design, so I wrote him a little post-it note. I pointed to the note a few times but he was obvious busy so I got ready to leave again. I didn't want to leave in case they drained him of all of his gas and he would need a ride to get a gallon or two. But alas, thanks to his double tank truck, they only drained him down to half, and he doesn't think they got much, especially since they probably spilled a half gallon by the looks of the mess.

But still RUDE!

Oh, and then I called our HOA manager to ask her a question, but then also let her know of the gas stealing. She said, "ok". OK! Really, you have nothing more to say then OK? I don't expect much more I guess, but no 'Thank you for letting me know' or 'I'll give the security company a heads up', or anything. Have I mentioned how much I love living where I live? Have I? Please someone let me know when the market is going to turn so I can can be packed and ready to leave. Hell, screw the packing, I'm outta here.


Angie said...

I have a scary feeling this is just the beginning of this kind of stuff. Time for a locking gas cap, huh?

Sorry you had to start your day that way!

Karen MEG said...

I'd read that this sort of thing was happening... what a drag that it's happened to you! So sorry that it did, Cherry!

Py Korry said...

My brother sent me a news clipping weeks ago about that. But some of the gas thieves are drilling holes in the tanks and filling up their gas cans that way.

By the way, your HOA board member is an idiot. What if that happened to them? You'd bet your bottom dollar it would be all over the next newsletter and you would see more security in the area.

Starshine said...

I'm sorry to hear about that ... yuck!

Autumn's Mom said...

Stupid HOA This happened in the neighborhood where I recently moved a co-worker of mine. Sigh. I don't have a locked gas cap either.

~Donna~ said...

So sorry to hear it Cherry...I woke up this morning to find a tire missing off my car!!!! Really pissed me off...So much for a secure parking garage.