Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I miss blogging!

Eee Gads!
It's been a long time!

I actually started this post 2 weeks ago, but didn't get beyond those 2 lines up there, before my attention was pulled back to work or some other more pressing matter.

I had originally thought I would get to blog all about the wedding planning process. I'd post photos of events and write about all of the fun wedding goodness (and some of the bad), but no.... I have had no time! I don't really have time for this one, but sometimes a girl just has to put her foot down and do a little nonessential writing to ease her mind and to help her process her thoughts.

I have continued to take pictures for the blog, and keep having thoughts through the day of ... I should write about that for the blog! But alas.... no writing as been done, and the pictures haven't gotten out of my camera.

For those that don't know, I'm getting married next weekend. Less then 2 weeks away.
Am I nervous about getting married? not at all.
About the logistics of the day? TOTALLY!
About what it will be like going from a 3 letter last name to a 7 letter, oddly spelled and pronounced last name? FREAKED OUT!
About the fact that I still don't have everything hammered down and smoothed out? I'm dealing.

But in the end I am thrilled to be marrying my best friend and partner, and very much looking forward to starting down a path that is new, scary, thrilling and full of twists and turns, but knowing that I have someone to hold my hand all the way through is the best part of all.


Chrissy121875 said...

Wonderful blog! Found you via J's blog :) I totally know how you are feeling. I went through the same thing this time last year! Our 1 yr wedding anniversary is this weekend. I remember this week last year...it was CRAZY! It was emotional, stressful and crazy!

In the end, everything turned out perfectly. Oh, and even if there are tiny little hiccups and things that don't go as planned...well, you're the only one who will notice it ;) Everyone will just think the entire thing was spectacular! So, enjoy this time! Eventhough I was Bridezilla the night before (HUGE fight with my mom regarding a misplaced veil!!!), everything was perfect.

I love your updates and your photos. Have a great time and I'll be checking in again!

Starshine said...

Oh, Cherry! I so wish I could be there to watch you get married. I agree...having your best friend to hold your hand through the ups and the downs of life is a wonderful blessing. It's been great to walk our parallel paths at the same time. I'll be keeping you and E and the details of your big day in my prayers for the next week and a half!

Py Korry said...

J survived going from a one syllable last name to a strange sounding last name, so all I can say is that it'll be fine. :-)

Beenzzz said...

Weddings are so exciting and stressful too. Don't worry, everything will be exactly as you dreamed it would be. I need to renew my vows with the hub! We were going to on our 10th anniversary, but that was 3 years ago! Guess I should get on the ball. :)
Anyway, good luck with everything and post, post, post pics!

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Yay! No more honeymoon cottege post! :)

The name thing is fine, no worries there. Of course, you'll have to start spelling it, and people will look confused and want to know what ethnicity it is...whatever.

I'm thrilled for you and E, and you're right, having a partner in crime is the best part of getting hitched. ;) Glad that I get to be there, too.

Anonymous said...

I went from a long ethnic last name to a short one. And people still get it wrong!

Congrats on your upcoming wedding. It'll all work out just fine.

Gina said...

I went from a great, ethnic last name to a weird short boring one. No, I'm not bitter.

It's best to just relax and let things happen as they happen on hte big day. Hopefully, you won't find out half of things that happened until it is over!

I'm so happy for you!

Love Bears All Things said...

I know it is a stressful time. Try to take a few minutes for yourslf during all the hustle and bustle to just breathe in and out and pray for peace to wash over you. It is an exciting time. Blessings!
Mama Bear