Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Did you remember the milk?

Wooooo Weeee!
This was gonna be a totally busy weekend, but I continued on the procrastination train a little bit longer.

BUT... I did get some very important things done.


Since we are doing the whole low budget, laid-back kinda thing, and we just so happen to be also taking photos before the festivities, so we have no time to help in the set-up of the site. Luckily, I have a VERY lovely crew of friends who are helping us out by giving us their whole day to do the dirty work, so everyone can come and have a great time. FRIENDS ARE PRICELESS!

So these friends get their own list. A very long list. They get a packout list, and a todo list, and I therefore have a shopping list to get everything for said packout list. I will then put together everything in that packout list, and have everything labeled and packed up in clear tubs, of course in like dutied categories.

Example: Everything for the cake table - in this lovely tub here, Extras for the "comfort trailer" - why they are all over there in that tub.

I spent a few years as a caterer, so I learned the goodness of the list, and the organized tubs.

I also of course have a list of things to do around the house, you know like put away all of the shower gifts I received and Eric decided he must spread them ALL OUT so he can see them all, and then of course try the kitchen gadgets. Plus we'd like to shampoo the carpets so the in-laws don't have to see all of the cat puke stains. I mean, the stains will still be there and will re-appear within a week, but at least they don't have to KNOW they are there.

Yes, yes, I realize my list of wedding specific things is about oh....50-60 long, and that's after checking off what I did today, and likely the carpet shampooing isn't going to seem quite so important come Thursday when the in-laws fly into town, but you know... I still want it on there just in case I have a few spare hours to blow.

To help me wrangle my todo lists, I have employed the help of a very helpful tool.
Remember the Milk dot com
I had seen a co-worker of mine use it to track those little things I usually put on post-it notes, which then end up scattered about my desk and inevitably lost right when I need it.

Remember the Milk has a mobile version so I can enter tasks and check my lists on my phone, and a handy dandy reminder system as well, so I get IM's, text messages on my phone, and/or emails with all the things that are due that day. Another great plug-in is the component that lives on my iGoogle page (just above my Google Reader where I check in on all of your lovely blogs when I have a moment). The web app is currently in BETA, and it has some usability issues, but having a tool that allows me to dump my brain, organize it a tad, and then allows me to re-organize it after I've had to sleep and can think more clearly, and then let's me print out my checklists by priority and day the task is due... I'm loving it!

Long live the list!


ML said...

For big occasions like that, lists are such a life saver. You're well on your way? :)

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Lists ROCK! Sounds like a very handy tool, and gosh, since you need me for pictures, that means I'm off the hook for site set up...BONUS! ;)

I'm getting excited for Saturday.

Starshine said...

Cherry, this is getting very exciting! So, is J your photographer? I hope you will post photos of your day! :)

Have fun crossing things off your list today!

Cherry said...

StarShine - Oh no, J is my "keep me sane and together" girl. :-) Pretty much my matron of honor without the dress, or the standing up there with me duties. Although, come to think of it, it might be nice to have her up there with me... hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Cool website. Organization is good. Love the name of it.

Gina said...

That sounds very handy!

laluna said...

That is a cool site(Do you remember the milk). Wow, you are really into the high gear now with last minute stuff for the weddings