Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Much To Do, and its only day two

Because I am on maternity leave I am supposed to be resting right?
Well if I didn't have a list so long of things to do, I would rest more! I know that all will be fine if nothing on that list is done RIGHT NOW, but you know how things are.... sometimes you just need certain things to be checked off.

Like right now, I really need to unpack all the crap we move here with. Yes, we moved 6 weeks ago but that was 6 weeks of working 14 hour days and being far too tired to touch anything when I got home. We've gotten used to living out of and with boxes, so its kind of easier to just keep walking around them, for now. I am not allowing myself to go through all of the generous gifts and hand-me-downs which are accumulating in that room there behind me which I try to avoid as it would be so much more fun to sit down in there and go through bags and boxes, not to mention also sitting down to write out some thank you notes.... OY I have much to do.

I don't even have an actual list going, which probably makes the brain list seem even longer. Perhaps that will be thing one on tomorrow's list.... to make a list.

Yesterday, day one of leave, I sat on the couch, all day with my iPhone in hand texting/IMing away with my girlfriends who I haven't gotten to talk to much since I've been so darn busy at work. I was also researching who knows what via the Internet on that thing for HOURS. Then we headed out to a "newborn care" class which blew chunks (which was one of the topics as well) but Eric seemed to enjoy it so someone got benefit out of it. We ran many errands and went out to eat dinner which I had a hard time swallowing the bill when I'm not making much money at the moment with the whole not working thing, but also recognized we will not have many more opportunities for such niceties soon.

Today, I had many goals which I think I got 4.5 things accomplished, even more if you include showering and getting dressed and feeding myself...ok I didn't feed myself very well and getting dressed counts when you just put clean PJ like clothes on post shower, right? But I did pull my laptop out and get it set up and got caught up on Grey's Anatomy thanks to Hulu.com while I sorted/filed/shredded many a paper in my "need to deal with" pile of papers which moved here with us. Of course I still have little piles of papers all over the desk looking for new homes, but they will wait for tomorrow. I'm sure I could have sorted far quicker if I was not staring at the monitor for hours but 6 weeks without TV and being home alone calls for some mindless entertainment. Oh crap, Eric is doing taxes tomorrow so I guess I must clean up the piles tonight... drat!

(Question: Do I really need to keep all of the Wedding Cards we received? That is one of said piles of papers)


C said...

Cherry! This post made me smile, because that is EXACTLY how I felt and what I went through when I started my mat leave!

Hubby always told me (when I'd get exasperated by the long list of things I needed to get done before the baby arrived), "Does that NEED to get done right now?" or "Just do what has to be done and don't worry about the rest for the moment". Wise words, that I can never seem to live by. With me, EVERYTHING has to be done RIGHT NOW! LOL!

I hear you on the unpacking. I moved to the Island six years ago, and I still have some boxes that haven't been unpacked! Sad, eh?

I'm so excited for you guys! I cannot wait to see your little sweetpea! Well, I guess I'll see her in pics!! Oh, and you were right...You DID send me your address in an e-mail! My bad! I blame it on Mommy Brain! LOL!

P.S. We still have all our wedding cards too. I wanted to try to get rid of some things, but didn't have the heart to get rid of the wedding cards! LOL!

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

I say, what REALLY needs to get done right now is getting baby's room ready. So blow off the other stuff, and get the clothes and so on ready. It's more fun, and far more productive than chatting on your iPhone. :) Though I know the chatting will go down after baby is born, so I'm glad to be chatting while we can.

Tracy said...

I'm with Jules. Get ready for the baby! The rest will still be waiting for you later!