Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Count down to Maternity Leave

Psst! I have 2 more full work days until my Maternity Leave starts. Then maybe I'll actually get unpacked, get Internet service at the house, and get my ergonomic desk set up at home so I can type there and then MAYBE I'll ACTUALLY POST SOMETHING ABOUT THIS PREGNANCY!

If I didn't mention this before, we moved over a month ago. Yea... we're crazy and moved at the end of the 7th month. And I'm too freakin' pooped to unpack so we live in a sea of boxes. And no, the baby's room is not set up, please don't bring it up. We do not have any furniture in there yet (well nothing that will stay in there) but we are picking up a crib this weekend (Thanks Liz!). The "baby's room" is full of a lot of things overflowing from other rooms and a wonderful ton of generous gifts and hand me downs from friends and family. (THANK YOU AWESOME FRIENDS AND FAMILY!)

Anyone got a twin/trundle bed we can use for a guest bed? apparently Moms and Moms-in-laws like to have beds when they stay over to help out.

So much to do, and so many naps fit in.


Autumn's Mom said...

Jealous...can I go on maternity leave?

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

I am looking forward to meeting your little bun. :) Enjoy maternity leave. Seems like the longest you'll ever be out of work (without looking for work), but it goes by pretty quickly. I loved it, though.

Tracy said...

Congrats! I didn't read this post until today, so that means maternity leave has begun!!!!!!!!!!!

Cherry said...

I hadn't planned on working today (but ended up working a half day) so actually I have one more Full work day left. I wish I were done!

C said...

Wooooo hoooo! I have been thinking of you A LOT lately. What an exciting time this is! I can't wait for the bun's arrival!! xo