Friday, February 06, 2009

Stream of Consciousness

Typing one handed so I don't do permanent nerve damage to my right hand.
I'm right handed so this is difficult.
Sleeping in a night brace makes it feel much better by morning.
Not allowed to pick up the kitties because they are over 10 pounds, and they keep asking why and I can't seem to get them to understand.
Even with a brace and trying to type all day one handed, I still manage to over use it.
I think I over used it just taking a shower and brushing my teeth this morning because it's already achy.
Eating is difficult, Maybe I'll eat less and loose some of the 10 pounds I put on in the last 2 months.
This is doubtful.
My boss's boss threatened to send me home and disable my remote access if he caught me using my right hand again.
I have good managers.
I associate my self-worth with my work too much that it's killing me that my work is not getting done.
It's rainy today.
I should be happy about this, but instead I see it as wet and cold and grey.
My arm hurts and I feel whiny.
I'm reading a Suze Orman book about what to do now that the economy SUCKS. It's freaking me out that we have avoided organizing our finances since we got married and are not in a good situation.
I have to realize that taking the time to make my meals is necessary.
And bringing lunch to work and then still going out to eat and wasting said lunch does not help.
It's probably not good when your co-worker's girl,who is a market analyst, writes to say that our Company's earnings call makes it sound like lay-offs are coming.
We've gotten through this before, we can do it again.
My thoughts sound depressing.
My train ride is about over and I'm not looking forward to walking to work in the grey, cold, wetness.
I miss knitting.
I hate sounding so blue, because I'm not. Not all the time.
Last night I cried and was thankful my husband held me. He's good like that.
Today I'm tired but am charged up to get some work handed.
I'm looking forward to a lunch of Dim Sum to ring in the New Year and get to know some co-workers I don't really know.
I hope they don't all speak Chinese the whole time because that is one of the things my father didn't teach me.
Just realized I can't use chopsticks with my wrist situation.
I'll be eating Dim Sum with a fork which seem so wrong.
I'm not that good with chopsticks anyway.
My father gave up on that one too.
My laptop battery is running low.
I had this really great chat with my friend yesterday.
I'm very thankful for her.
I don't keep in touch with friends really, unless they are online. I find that sad.
Thanks to being online all the time I have made some really great friends I would have likely never 'met'.
I hope this wrist business heals up quickly because I have much to write about.
Well, my laptop battery is about done with me and the train ride is almost over so I shall try to quiet my brain for a few moments to let my left hand rest and to prepare for the day.
Ha! My brain is never quiet, so I'll just have to force this to end.

Happy weekend all!


Autumn's Mom said...

This must be driving you nuts!! I miss chatting with you. We put pressures on ourselves to work more, do more, clean more (although that one always falls to the way side for me :D) We don't take enough care of ourselves. Hope it's better soon. xoxo

J at said...

I'm sorry that your hand is painful. :(

I'm thankful for you and for your friendship, and I hope that you can find some more balance between your work and your home selves.