Monday, February 09, 2009

Heart All A Flutter

We all know how whiny I've been about the wrist, right?
I will be calling the doctor today to give him an update and to find out the next steps. He had only put me on limited use through the week so I dunno what he wants me to do now. But along with the wrist update, I also get to give him an update on my fun of yesterday afternoon.

Around 3pm I was sitting on the couch, just finishing up some lunch (who says a bowl of meatballs and a can of soup can't be lunch?), when I noticed I was having heart palpitations. I've had them before but usually just a flutter and then back to normal. Perhaps a surge in adrenaline and then nothing. This time they just went on an one. My heartbeat was not regulating. I continued to sit on the couch watching TV for another half hour when my mom come over to drop some stuff off and she didn't stay longer then a few minutes. I didn't tell her anything was wrong because at that point I wasn't really concerned yet.

After she left I realized it was still going on and I asked Eric to Google what to do to get something like this to stop. He suggested resting, so I laid down in bed and he rubbed my back but nothing was getting better. I didn't feel weak or bad in anyway other than the constant flutter which was annoying and now starting to get worrisome. Eric called the advise nurse who asked me lots of questions and asked me to take my pulse and blood pressure. Pulse high, blood pressure low. She wanted me to come in right away and to have Eric drive me and to warn him that I might pass out. Getting up I realized that my arms and legs were shaky and felt weak. AWESOME! Then in the car I started feeling lightheaded. WEEeee!

At the doctor they checked my vitals and my heart rate was even higher but my blood pressure was now really high. Since my Oxygen was good they had me wait to see the doctor. FOR AN HOUR! Well, 40 minutes to be called back, and at least 20 minutes before he saw me. While waiting I started feeling really bad and I was getting scared, and then poof... I could breath again and was able to sit up fine. So of course, by the time the doctor listened to my heart it was all fine and regular. A little fast but regular. Good I guess, but then he said that they cannot diagnose the arrhythmia unless they catch it on an ECG and since it was regular now he could only tell me to contact my regular doctor for follow-up. GREAT!

He went ahead and did an ECG right then to make sure and to get a baseline. But yea, it was normal by then. Kinda frustrated me that if they had done the ECG first, that they would have a record of it.

As I was being hooked up with all of the wires, Eric asked "Do you want me to take a picture for the blog?". Since I felt like crap and was in a gown open in the front, I declined. I know, how prudish of me. How thoughtful of him to ask though! The technician said I could have a copy of the report though, so here you go.... my heart on a page.


Ted said...

Wow, Cherry! That's pretty scary stuff. I'm glad the rapid heart beat, high BP and the like subsided. I can't believe they wouldn't get you hooked up right away to monitor you if your vitals were so out of whack when you came in. More than that, they had you waiting for far too long!

J at said...

I love that Eric wanted to take a picture for the blog! What a guy!

I think that's freaky, that they had you wait so dang long. Stupid hospitals.

Autumn's Mom said...

That's pretty scary. Maybe it was the meatballs. Seriously, I hope it doesn't happen again, but if it does, that they hook you up right away. Pretend to passout if you have to.

Starshine said...

How scary! I'm glad it regulated, but I can understand your frustration in it not being documented when you wanted it to be.

Love and hugs!

Gina said...

Oh man, hang in there Cherry! That sounds really scary.

Karen MEG said...

Your husband Eric, what a hero ... pics and everything!!!
That is so freaky, Cherry, and making you wait so long. I'm glad it settled down, but it would have been helpful if they had hooked you up when you were symptomatic!!! Sheesh!

I hate hospitals. The more I'm exposed to them (and honestly, I've seen the inside of one enough to last me a lifetime) the more I hate them.
I hope you follow up with your doctor...

C said...

Awwww! Eric is such a sweetie! My Hubs was also mindful of the blog when I was in hospital (during my bed rest during pregnancy and when Little One was in the NICU for 2 months). Hubby tried to post when I couldn't. Too funny!

I'm thinking of you!! Just sent you an e-mail. XOXO

C said...

P.S. The word verification for my comment was warpyass! LOL!