Wednesday, July 23, 2008

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A few weeks ago I woke up really early on a Friday morning and went to
stand in line with MANY other people. We talked, chatted and shared
stories about ourselves. We talked a lot about the reason we were all
standing out in the cold and then the heat as the sun rose. Some
people were out the all night. Me I was in line for 5.5 hours. What
was the reason we'd stand in line so early in the morning for so long?

To buy into the marketing hype and to geek out clearly!

As my co-worker told me, so much for me keeping up the facade that
differentiated me from my fellow Engineering geeky co-workers.

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J at said...

Oh lord, you could totally write a post about the geeky yet cool things your iPhone can do. Ted just downloaded a new brain for his, and he's looking forward to having a light saber battle with you.

My favorite feature is the music recognition, where you put the phone up in front of the speakers and the phone identifies the song for you, and even gives you a link to purchase it. Crazy, huh?

~Donna~ said...

Spencer will be so jealous! So i won't tell him. :)

Oooh, I've finally decided what to make you for pay it forward! What's your favourite color?

Starshine said...

Ooo, fun!

I went to get my computer repaired yesterday at the Apple store near me, and there was a line of people outside the store waiting to get their iPhone set up!

Autumn's Mom said...

ohmygosh. my friends are geeks. light saber battle??? LOL

Ted said...

And you said you weren't a geek. I feel vindicated 'cause I said you were one, and you were adamant that you weren't.

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C said...

Tee hee! :) Uhhmmmm...I'm sorta the geeky type too (but I mask it well)! LOL!

I've been away from the bloggy world for way too long! Okay, so a week isn't THAT long, but if feels long! I've missed reading your posts! Hope all is well where you are! XO

C said...

Hey, Cherry!
Just checking in on ya :) You told me you were in B.C. and I guess the blog world infiltrated my dreams again, because I had a dream that you went from B.C. to Toronto and found me at a wedding. Weird! LOL! The funny thing is that the place where the wedding (in the dream) was held is in a very busy part of Toronto, so it wouldn't be likely to find each other by fluke!

Hope all is well where you are! xo