Sunday, May 25, 2008

Appetite Booster

Tonight we went out to dinner and decided to check out a steakhouse we had never been too. It's a chain, and I had heard it was ok so we gave it a shot. I have been talking about wanting a steak for a few months, so we finally bit the bullet.

***Long run on sentence tangent warning***
Now I would normally grill my own steaks, but our patio is having a bit of an issue right now, so I won't be using the grill until we spend some quality time together with gloves and brooms, trash cans, and any organizing know how tossed out the window because Eric just will NOT be neat and tidy with his tools, but his current method is not working, and the BLACK WIDOW we helped not build her nest next to MY GRILL will be all the reminder he needs that it is REALLY not working.

Ok, back to my steak eating outing story...

So we found ourselves in a bit of a cheesily decorated chainy type restaurant. As we walked in I glanced at the platter the guy behind us was chowing down on. He got the Prime Rib, and although it wasn't cooked to the doneness I prefer (way not enough pink), the whole meal looked pretty good. Eric and I had already decided we wanted to try their Ribeye before we got the menu, so the meal was underway quickly.

The steak was ok, drier then most ribeyes I've had, but the seasoning was great. The rest of the meal was tasty, but when I was about 3/4 full, I glanced up at the TV which was pointing towards the bar, but I could VERY easily see. On the screen was possibly the most appetizing movie a steakhouse could possibly be absentmindedly be showing.... SILENCE OF THE LAMBS.

I stopped eating, and couldn't understand how Eric continued. But continued he did... until his plate was clean. Of course I realize that I was full on eating and enjoying the flesh of a cow, but having Hannibal Lecter's beady eyes looking down at me made me a bit uneasy.



C said...

Oh my goodness, Cherry! I can't believe they'd be showing SILENCE OF THE LAMBS while people were trying to enjoy a meal! What an odd choice for a movie to show while people are eating.

GAH. I don't blame you for not having an appetite after that. Creepy!

PS. Blueberry update! Please tell Eric that my blueberry plants are doing amazingly well...thanks to his expert advice!!!

Starshine said...


I married a griller, and our favorite way to prepare steak is to marinate it in a big ziplock freezer bag: olive oil, tabasco, cumin, steak grill seasoning, minced garlic, red wine vinegar/balsamic vinegar (whichever you want). It makes a great seasoning/marinate for the steak and the vinegar in it acts as a tenderizer for the meat. :)

I hope your patio will be free of spiders real soon!

Autumn's Mom said...

sigh, I miss having a grille. Stupid apartment!! I can't believe they'd be showing that movie period in a restaurant. It's not's LAME.

J at said...

That's way too gross!

Was it Outback? I only ask because they're down the street from your old place, which makes it strange that you'd never been before. :)

Sorry the steak was dry. Dry ribeye is a sin. ;)

C said...

Just checkin' in :) I still haven't been able to eat steak since that post! LOL!

BTW, I wrote a post with you in mind ;)

Karen MEG said...

Silence of the lambs, seriously? Yuck! I can't believe they would show that at dinner (and anything at all; isn't it usually only sports they show?). Bizarre.

Sheliza said...

I am saying "Hello Clarrise" right now! LOL!!!