Saturday, April 19, 2008

Missing my Husband

Ever have those periods in your life when you just don't seem to have time to do what you would normally do?
I'm kinda feeling that about now. I don't know exactly what is happening, but I haven't been home much and when I'm home I'm pooped, and can only seem to get the most basic and essential tasks completed. My routines just feel off.

We still have clean clothes, and there is milk, eggs and bread in the fridge, but we seem to be in a state of chaos.

I think work has kind of taken over our lives at the moment. I've gone into my cyclical routine of doing just one more thing before I head home from the office and then suddenly its 7pm or later. I work best in the early morning and in the evening, and over the years I have found that I will do these spurts of working later and later and then I burn out go back to normal-ish working hours. Eric's business has been keeping him very busy. He is currently having to schedule jobs months in advance and juggling more then one client project at a time, which is awesome but taxing.

We are finding we are missing each other, which is sad for newlyweds who live together. So many nights someone goes to bed alone while the other is either not home yet or is just finishing up one more thing. We haven't even been sharing meals together which as many of you probably know, is a big deal in my book. I haven't been cooking, and have been eating a lot of crap lately. Yes, fast food containers have re-entered our lives. Eric actually eats more dinners with my parents then he does with me (his plant nursery is at their house so he often works there until the sun goes down and then my dad fixes him dinner). Which is cute, but I miss him.

Since one person has said they need to work late, then the other justifies working late too, and then... we don't see each other.

Finding balance is something we have always struggled with, so we'll find it this time too. But we will probably have to keep reminding ourselves.


Angie said...

I could have written this post and just changed the names, Cherry. John and I are both on different cycles right now too. It's hard, but at least we know it and feel certain that it will straighten out. Sometimes, it's inevitable, I think.

That's so cute about your dad fixing him dinner:)

Starshine said...

You might have to schedule margin into your days so that you have standing dates to be together. It's important to protect time with each other. I know that it can be hard with other demands, but you'll never regret spending time with your man!

Love Bears All Things said...

I need some pea gravel delivered and spread on the pathways of my back garden. I sure wish I could just call Eric to come take care of it.
Mama Bear

Kim said...

I feel ya! Welcome to my world! You mean to tell me people eat meals together? Who knew! LOL

Autumn's Mom said...

I think scheduling in dates is a great idea...but know that sometimes, your busy schedule may not allow for it. I hope you find some balance soon. I know what it's like, being that J and I live apart right now an hour from each other. But I'm scheduling in two nights this week where I will be with him :)

J at said...

I hope you are able to find some balance SOON. Being out of synch is hard on a relationship. It happens to everyone at one point or another, but it's no fun.

Gina said...

Balance is so freaking hard. I hope you guys find it soon.

Beenzzz said...

I too hope your schedules unite. It's definitely not a fun thing to go through. I guess I will be seeing this imbalance beginning in about 4-5 months. :(

Karen MEG said...

Cherry, it is hard when your lives are so busy. But realizing it early on in your relationship and working on keeping the balance is great. I also find it really cute that he eats with your folks ... that's always a good thing that he's tight with the in-laws. I hope your schedules get back in sync soon.

One of the reasons that I decided to stay home after I had the diva was that we both felt we were just running in circles with the kids and our careers and having one person at home certainly does alleviate things a bit. But that's one thing that we're vowing to do, is to get back on track with each other... we have to make a conscious effort to try NOT to talk about the kids all the time. What did we talk about the 14 years before we had our first?!!

bleeding espresso said...

Oh I hate when this happens; hope it straightens itself out soon so you can both be happier :)

C said...

Oh, Cherry! I can totally relate! Though Hubby and I both have our own businesses (errr...he's got the farm and saw mill, fire department, etc and I've got my ESL school that I operate). You'd think with our own businesses we'd see each other often. WRONG. I hardly see my husband at all and in the summers it's even worse.

Hopefully you and Eric can figure out a way to make sure you get in a few times a week where you have some good quality time together :) It'll work out.

P.S. I meant to ask Eric a question about blueberry plants. What kind of soil mixture would I need to control the PH levels in the soil? don't have to ask him though. I'm SURE you have MUCH more important things to discuss when you see each how about 'date night'? ;)


Love Bears All Things said...

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I hope you're getting some rest. Sounds like your life is very hectic right now.
Mama Bear

C said...

Cherry, thanks to your AMAZING hubby, my blueberry plants seem to be doing well!!! I haven't had a chance to e-mail him back yet, but the plants look healthy. What a miracle worker your hubs is!

Hope all is well where you are. I'm all of a sudden really wanting some chocolate pudding cookies! Can you tell whose blog I was visiting last? LOL!