Sunday, February 10, 2008

Someone Stop This Woman!

Whoaa! What a domestic weekend I've had! I haven't had that productive of a weekend in ages and it feels great! Well, my hands are a little dry and weathered, but mostly I'm feeling pretty good about now.

After feeling pretty crappy the last few days and Eric working a really hard and long day on Friday, I thought we'd take it easy this weekend. Sure that was the plan, but I woke up on Saturday morning with a fire lit under me. Eric had to meet up with a potential new client in the morning (which he totally scored! Whoo!), so I started the morning off with the ambition to wash everything on the bed, including the pillows, mattress pad, bed skirt, everything, AND scrub the bathrooms top to bottom.

Thanking the good inventors of yesteryear, everything I could fit into the washing machine (and even some things I probably should have taken to a laundr-o-mat) were clean and smelling fresh by the end of the day. I'm sure the Electric Company will be contacting the authorities to make sure we aren't growing some unlawful plants in the coming days, with all of the power I used this weekend. I honestly can't say I've ever used the washer and dryer that many times in one day, and I hope not to do it again anytime soon.

Seeing as I still don't own a mop (nasty things that they are), I tackled those bathrooms on my hands and knees, scrub brush, sponges, towels and even a tootbrush, in hand. The walls were cleaned, the floors were scrubbed, even getting into all of those tight corners and grooves of the baseboards. I'm sure some strange yoga position was achieved to get to the nooks and crannies back behind the toilets. Can we say gleaming? Oh yes, even a day later... still gleaming. I was dreading putting the cat litter box back into the downstairs bathroom as I wanted to keep the shine alive a little longer.... but even after a day of use and some apparently gleeful digging by the cats, a little round about with the broom and it's back to shine-city.

Today I pulled out all of the stops and re-caulked the bathtub, the sink and along the floor. Then I did a little touch up of the tub glazing because I dropped something in there and chipped the glazing we spent $700 on a few years ago and chips aren't covered in their warranty, OF COURSE! This means that I'll have to shower at work tomorrow and Eric showers after he works, so hopefully the shower will be ready for him when he gets home tomorrow night or else he's gonna just have to be stinky and will dirty up that clean bed of ours. (sigh) Perhaps I'll keep this crazy streak going and even get to work early enough for a work out, since I'm going to have to shower there anyway. Hmmm....

Amazingly I was cleaning up my bathroom adventures by lunchtime, so we had a lunch outing with my mother and then headed to her house to play some cards. Can I tell you how much I miss playing cards? Growing up, every Sunday after church, we'd play cards with my grandmother, so you can imagine my dismay when I find out that my love did NOT grow up playing cards so he doesn't get (and therefore doesn't like) the games we've tried to get him to play. To appease him, we usually play word games like Scrabble, but for Christmas he said he'd try to play my mom's favorite, Squeak (at least that's what we call it). We've played a few times since Christmas and today he even asked to go another round and later said he really enjoyed it. Perhaps we'll get him to enjoy card games after all.

When we got home, I ventured into the kitchen to do me some baking. An Angel food cake for my love's birthday tomorrow, and some dark chocolate mini cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for the folks in the office. I opened the oven door too soon on the Angel Food cake so it fell a little, but I think it'll be just fine. And I played with the oven temp for the mini cupcakes and discovered that 325 does not a lovely domed mini cupcake make. Infact, it made for flat, wide topped, and slightly sunken in cakes, but still tasty. The second batch turned out far better at 350, and yes I remembered to make note of that on my recipe (which I had clearly forgotten to do last time since I had gone through the same temperature experiment before). I loaded far too much frosting on the cupcakes as well, but I'll just wait to see if anyone actually complains.

Ok... and now I can say I even posted something. Phew! What an awesome weekend! I could say I don't know how I have so much energy right now, but I have a feeling a few licked clean spatulas and "test" cupcakes might have something to do with it. Hopefully the sugar high crashes soon so I can get me some sweet sleep. After all, if I'm going to get into the office to work out in the gym before showering and keeping this productivity going on into the work week, I'm going to need some rest.


Laura said...

It is so good to see you posting again. I miss playing cards so very much. Leonard and I used to do that with our best friends at least one weekend night a month or so. And...can you come over and clean my bathrooms?? I totally agree with you on the mop.

C said...

Wow, Cherry! Just by reading this post, one could feel how much energy you've got! Holy productivity, Batman!!!

I all of a sudden feel that I need to get some domestic duties done now. By that, I meant chores...not the other thing! LOL!

Py Korry said...

Where did all this energy come from? Boy, you sure had the cleaning bug, didn't you.

And today's is Eric's birthday? I hope has a wonderful birthday! :-)

J at said...

Happy Birthday to Eric! And wow, when the cleaning bug hits, it hits hard! Yay on the sparkly bathroom. :)

Starshine said...

Hello, Miss Productivity!

Happy birthday to Eric! And...can you save one of those mini cupcakes for me? ;)


Autumn's Mom said...

I'm tres impressed. Happy Birthday Eric!!