Friday, April 21, 2006

Dooce Break

As I sit here, trying to remind myself that it’s Friday and it’s already considerably late on this first Friday at the new job, I needed a break from working on a project that I have little understanding of (seeing as this is my first week), so I took a little blog-break.

Thank you Heather (aka Dooce)! Thank you for being brilliant and timely, and putting an honest smile on my face. You are very inspiring. Now I know exactly what I will have for dinner!

Are there other Dooce groupies out there? I admit when we were driving across the country and we had planned a stop in Utah to visit some of the amazing parks there, the thought did come to mind that maybe we should drive through the town where she lives and we might see her. (I’m sick!) I have little interest in buying a map to the star’s homes when I am in LA, but I consider making a drive-by in a different state to catch a glimpse of a blogger whom I admire and adore? (Sick I tell you!) Thankfully I’m not sick enough to actually make it a plan or act on the thought.

I do like to think that I somehow have a close relation to her. I mean I am a really good friends with the cousin of one of her best friends. That’s right Ben, I am only friends with you to get closer to Dooce. I admit it.

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