Thursday, February 23, 2006

What to write about?

Everyday I try to think of something to write about. Sometimes I think of these wonderful stories to tell and then never take the time to write them down. Other times I want to write some random thoughts, just to record a bit about what is going on in my life today, but then again don’t take the time to write them down and they leave my brain, never to be heard from again. I feel bad that I don’t post more often. My 4 adoring readers check in almost everyday (per my site tracking, I CAN SEE YOU!), and they are so wonderful to never complain.

The trouble is, I will not write about work, so there goes about 80% of my material. We all tend to write about what is happening in our lives (fictional and otherwise). Our thoughts. Our dreams. Our goals of the moment. Lately I’ve found that I am overly obsessed with the work part of my life and hence can’t write about what is going on in my head.

Maybe I’ll write about my therapy sessions (yes I go to therapy, so stuff it!). Sometimes I want to write about my relationship but something in me doesn’t think that is wise. Maybe I’m wrong, since only 4 of your read this and y’all know all about everything anyway. I had the thought of taking pictures of the things I see everyday, but that idea got boring fast because I do the same things everyday, and the scenery doesn’t change, nor is it exciting. How many of you really want to see more pictures of my cats, Eric, my drive to & from work, and the oh so boring view from my cube. As one person told me, it’s time to get a new view!


J said...

Yay! Cherry posted! I was giving up soon. I understand...though I have the opposite problem, too much to write about...but I think it's wise to not write about work, and the relationship is tricky too. We'll wait. ;)

jacob said...

Why not write about work? Some of the best blogs, I think, are written about what their authors do for a living. If you love any aspect of what you do, why prohibit yourself from writing about it? As long as you avoid violating any non-disclosure agreements, I don't see anything wrong with sharing what interests you professionally.