Thursday, February 23, 2006

Simulated Redo Button

This last weekend was a glorious long weekend - Hooray for dead presidents! And even though I had prior consent to go off and play in my world of SIMs, I never got around to it. They continue to miss me. But it's ok, because the last time I played, a whole bunch of stuff happened that I didn't want to happen, so I simply didn't save the game and will get to try again.

They have no idea that my really smart and highly paid 20-something woman died, her mother died, and her stay at home boyfriend was obducted by aliens, impregnated and gave birth to a beautiful green baby girl. The 8ish year old girl they had adopted joined the family, so the boyfriend was having to raise 2 kids, care for the dead girlfriend's ailing father, who was hitting on the nanny, and go back to work, while trying to educate himself to get promoted (which you need to have friends to do, and of course he has no time for that). REDO! That kind of challenge is just not fun anymore!

I may not have found the Redo button for my real life, but I've figured out how to simulate one in the SIM world.

1 comment:

J said...

Oh, for a redo button in life...there are SO many times when that would TRULY come in handy.