Friday, September 10, 2010

When the Baby naps...

The baby is starting to wake up from a 2.5 hour nap. You'd think this means I got some crap done around the house, right?

Well I try to lay down with her for the afternoon nap because it seems to make her sleep longer. As in her usual 20-30 minute nap turns magically into 2+ hours. And these long nap days usually coincide with easy put to bed nights. Plus, I'm going back to work soon so these opportunities are limited so I gotta get'em while the gettin's good.

So great! You got in a nap too. Don't you feel better? Stop rubbing it in! - you might say.

But alas, I think I looked at my phone for the whole time. Twitter, Facebook, reading and re-reading blog posts and articles, BPA Free teething toy research, talking to lovey while he looks at BPA Free chewy things at the store.

However, even though I didn't sleep, I still feel a little refreshed. Wonder if my lovey made dinner? Maybe he got the tea stains out of the kitchen sink from his mother's recent visit. (I'll answer that now before I even leave the bedroom -- no and no)

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J at said...

I'm thankful that we didn't have such distractions when I was going through this. Because I KNOW I would have been sucked in. And I really enjoyed the afternoon naps together. And you're right, a baby with a good nap in the afternoon seems to sleep better at night. Funny, isn't it? Also, Maya napped far better when we napped with her. We didn't always do it, but really, those are some of my sweetest memories.