Thursday, June 24, 2010

Micro posting

Real quick on the updates....
Had a baby.
Its a girl.
She's tiny and perfect but growing and changing so fast.
Breastfeeding has taken over my life so thankfully I'm taking the max leave time we can afford.

I have found I miss the blogging world but I have zero time for reading or writing, and my todo list of things I actually HAVE to get done only grows (bills, pleasing the grandparents with photos, eating, etc) so my brother suggested I write micro posts from my phone when I can. So let's try it.

I dunno about it because I blog for the community and if I don't have time to put into it then maybe I just shouldn't try. But then again, maybe these micro posts will keep me a little connected until I figure out how to migrate my former life into my mommy life.

Who bets I'll give up within a week?

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Ted said...

It's possible you might give up in a week, but microblogging (isn't that Twitter?) might be a good way to do some quick hit posts instead of FB or Twitter -- which can be less personal.

J at said...

Yay! You're back. At least sort of. Pictures would be nice, but I can see them on Facebook, so no worries.