Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Year Older

Yesterday, I added another year to my life officially. I am now the age I never wanted to get to without having kids. I am now the age where all I think about is fertility and healthy babies and how to have a healthy baby all the while trying not to stress about it as that seems to be the biggest evil. I am the age the OB/GYNs tells you it all goes down hill from here but with an odd sense of hope and promise in their voice. I am a statistic. I am 35.

HOLY SHIT! How the hell did this happen?
(BTW - yes Mom, I do swear... I guess it's time to come clean)

I spent the day shopping with my husband and prepping for a snacky food filled affair with some of my closest friends. We bought me a gorgeous Japanese knife and bamboo cutting board, $40 of Bluefin Tuna for Tuna Tar Tar and all the makings for Goi Cuon (Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls). I prepared to make sushi rolls for my friends and made about a bazillion spring rolls. As I haven't been in the kitchen much for about 7 months due to pain and I had a blast. I'll be icing my arms all day, but totally worth it.

Due to the good ol' arm pains I also dropped photography, so I decided to say hell with the pain, I want to remember how to use this fancy thing we bought so I brought along the camera. Here are a few photos which are poorly lit and a good reminder that I need to actually USE the settings on the camera or get and learn some photo editing software (which reminds me I need a new computer).
The boys (and Maya) and the food.

The lovely Maya

Autumn and Autumn's Mom (aka Dot)

Julie (aka JellyJules)

The Girls and an IKEA catelog

iPhones users must huddle together for warmth

Don't let him fool you. The cupcakes were delishous! He just had a fever.

A few more photos are here.

Thank you my friends for sharing a lovely evening together! You all make sting of this year a little more bearable.


Gina said...

Awww, that looks like so much fun!

And Cherry, don't give up hope! I found myself pregnant a month before I turned 38, with too many extra pounds according to any doctor, and an autoimmune disorder.

If there was anyone who wasn't a good candidate to get pregnant, it was me!

Autumn's Mom said...

We had so much fun being together! That IKEA catalog was dang interesting wasn't it??? I'm laughing at us looking so engrossed in it. love love you friend. I hope this year bring you much joy (and pain relief). xoxo

Karen MEG said...

Happy Birthday, Cherry! It looks like it was a great evening, great photos and everyone looks so happy and well fed!

I hope this next year brings you all great things...try not to get discouraged, I know it seems easy to say, but having experienced infertility and come out with happy results, the least I can do is offer you some hope. I've got two miracles that are proof of what hope can bring (in my mid-late 30's no less).



Tracy said...

Yea! You're back! I really missed you! Happy birthday, Cherry! I just turned 35, too. :) I decided to name this birthday, "35 is a Perfect 10".

Miss you and glad you're back!

J at said...

I'm in shock! You know I don't use a reader, so I just happened to pop by and see that you've posted! YAY! Amazing.

Happy birthday honey, and hang on to your dream. I can't wait to babysit for you so you can get away from stinky diapers for a bit and sit in a dark theater with your husband. See? I've got it all planned out.

That was a lovely party, and the food was DELICIOUS, and you must post the recipe for those spring rolls. They would SO rock for dinner one hot evening, and I think we've got a few of those left. (which I say because it is currently 98 degrees outside, and we're having steak for dinner. wtf?)

Love the pics, and that was some gorgeous camera you had there.

C said...

Gah! I'm soooooo late in commenting! However, I *did* wish you a Happy Birthday on FB, along with a virtual b-day cake! LOL! You know, the kind with zero calories! ;)

Looks like you guys had such a blast at your party! Wish I lived closer so I could bring you some red pepper jelly and you can get some cuddles from Little One!

Anyway, I'll tell you something my doctor told me about statistics. Before I got pregnant with Little One, I was upset and obsessing about the whole fertility and getting older thing. My doctor, whom I LOVE so much because she is awesome, looked me in the eye and said that women can still conceive after their 35. There's no magic number and to say that as soon as you hit 35, that's a bunch of phooey! True, women aren't *as* fertile as when they're younger, but women our grandmothers' age or older have had babies well after their 35th year. If you think of it, there were huge age gaps between first and last kids in the family. My mom's eldest sibling was 17 when her youngest sister was born. My grandma was 21 when she had her first child. That means she was 38 when she had her last.