Thursday, January 08, 2009

Husband Done Good!

As I've noted before, my husband considers gifts to be a big deal. He puts much thought and research into gifts for me. He's also very sneaky and pays close attention to my constant blah blah blahing to pick out the perfect gift.

Apparently he had really been listening to me talk about my on again off again knitting hobby and how I never realized how expensive it would be. Not as much for the yarn (although my yarn stash has become insane and only a year ago I didn't understand why people made such a fuss about the size of their yarn stashes... I understand now), but for the needles. I didn't realize that each knitting project/yarn combo could require a new needle size I hadn't yet acquired. And even though I was buying kinda crappy craft store needles, there costs still add up. Oh, and then I started needing different cable lengths for the same size needles I already had. Or started needing different styles of needles for more advanced projects. Each project was costing more and more.

Yes, I realize my non-knitting readers (all but 1 of you) probably aren't following my knitty babble, but I must explain this information for you to understand why my husband is so awesome.

My husband heard my absent minded grumbling when realizing I needed to go back to the store again because I needed a different needle, heard me complain about the cost, how I preferred bamboo, how knitting on the train was easiest with circular needles, and how my new love of making hats requires new needles with shorter cables and apparently heard me mention needle sets with interchangeable cable lengths.... because my Christmas present arrived on our doorstep this week (delivery delayed by a shipping blunder)
KA Bamboo Interchangeable Circular Needle set from Japan
Sizes US 5-15
Cables to create lengths ranging from 16-53"
All in a very cute and handy fabric caseAll of the sets I had seen don't go as small, contain as wide of a range of needles and cables and most were metal needles. Much research he did, and reviews look promising.

Thanks my love!
Off to knit.

P.S. Since Donna is likely the only one who is still reading this (she taught me to knit), I want to let her know that I also just made the leap from craft store yarn to the real stuff. Cascade Leisure Bulky (50%Alpaca/50%Cotton) to be made into a hat for my SIL (maybe). My first HANK and they even wound it for me. Found here. Smallish selection compared to other LYS's I've been to but VERY nice staff. And lots of sample projects to fondle and get ideas from.

Knitting Weee!


~Donna~ said...

Yay for Hubby! MAJOR husband points dude!!!! He rocks Cherry... I love my interchangeable sets (yes, I have two) - they are metal and they are vintage. I am slowly collecting straight bamboos. I don't mind knitting with metal circs, ( i have both bamboo and metal) but I don't like knitting with metal straights.

You need to come with me to Imagiknit in SF. Leave your money and your credit cards at home tho! It's Disney World for Knitters. Lots of ooohing, ahhhhing and squeeeing.

We need to get together for some knitting and coffee...and lots of fondling...

~Donna~ said...

of yarn i the store!!!

Kim said...

Hey...I knot too! Ok so I can only knit one kind of stich and only squares and rectangles, but I guess that counts, wish you lived closer so I could learn more!
Those are some nice needles! yay for your husband, mine wouldn't have a clue.

Kim said...

Sorry that's knit not knot!

J at said...

Yay for E, for getting you what you really wanted, and for doing such an amazing job of listening. :)

Starshine said...

What a great Hubby! Go, E!

Laura said...

I read the whole thing and, yes I agree, your hubby is awesome.

Autumn's Mom said...

That was really thoughtful. He's a keeper Cherry :) I love how it folds up in that nice little holder.