Tuesday, May 01, 2007

And My Commute Gets Worse

Ohhh wee, I feel like I'm bitching a lot!

On Sunday morning, a gasoline tanker crashed and burned on a freeway in the SF Bay Area. Thankfully no one was killed, and the driver of the tanker walked away with 2nd degree burns. The heat of the fire exceeded the limits the freeway structure could withstand and the steel supports melted. This little mishap is now costing the state millions of dollars to fix and from a completely selfish standpoint... TOTALLY SUCKS as now I HAVE to take the train into work which is about 2 hours each way including walking. If I get there early there is a shuttle from the station to my office park, but that still means getting to the train station by 7am, and some mornings I'm just not that with it.

The part of the freeway which collapsed onto another freeway was my way home. It was also the way home for 10's of thousands of people everyday. I decided I didn't want to even try to use the train system come Monday morning as I thought it would be complete chaos. The state officials thought it would be as well, so they made all public transportation free for the day.

So yesterday I opted to work from home and forgo the free transportation. FYI - Mondays are not a good work from home day for me becuse I have a hard time convincing myself that it's not still the weekend. So now as I sit here on the train, riding into work, I am officially FREAKING OUT at the amount of work I have to do today, and I have to train a new hire to boot. At least on the train I suddenly have a few hours to spend writing. Lucky you people!

Really, I'll try not to bitch quite so much tomorrow. (although I've already written a few posts today so there might be about a week of whiny writing).



Starshine said...

I'm sorry about the communte, but yea for us...more posts from Cherry!

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Yeah, we are coming out the winners in this one. ;)

I suspect that by the time they are finished fixing that part of the roadway, it will be in the billions...ugh.

Lalunas said...

We were lucky yesterday to have free alternate transportation.

Anonymous said...

That sucks. I hate commute time to begin with, so more of it sounds lousy to me. Please feel free to whine about it all the time. I understand your pain.

Love Bears All Things said...

Just maybe it was time for the supports to be replaced anyway and this way lots of lives have been saved.
Plus you have lots of time to write, think and plan.
Mama Bear